Optimaxx, known for Extreme Performance Wood Screws latest release industry-leading Impact Torsion Bits.

For use with impact wrenches and drivers, these extreme performance bits use only the highest grades of steel and innovation to absorb torque peaks. Therefore, reducing ‘cam-out’ and damage to the screw or bit to provide the ultimate performance. With advanced heat treatment, the Optimaxx Impact Torsion bits have an extra-long working life that outlasts screwdriver bits by up to 3 times.

Available in boxes of five, with both Pozi and Torx options, offering the most essential sizes. The range is available across the country at your local builder’s merchants, find your stockist here and be sure to grab yours!



Drive Type Length
TX20 25mm
TX25 25mm
TX30 25mm
PZ1 25mm
PZ2 25mm
PZ3 25mm
PZ2 50mm
PZ3 50mm