The trade industry can be a physically demanding one. You’re grafting for 8, 10, even 12 hours a day with little sleep because the majority of your days are early starts. And let’s not forget that most of these hours are spent on your feet and carrying materials. So, it comes to no surprise that eating healthily on site can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be challenging, even for tradespeople. This is why we’ve put together our top tips to help you improve your eating habits.

Bring your own food

Be honest with yourselves, how well-balanced are your meals? Although many tradespeople lead active lifestyles, that doesn’t mean you should neglect what you’re putting into your body. Eating healthily is just as important as physical activity. A recent study by Voucherscode suggested that 23% of construction workers will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on-site at least twice a week. Therefore, many of you may be sacrificing your health due to the popular choice of quick, convenient meals. Buying food from a van or takeaway generally has far more salt, fat and sugar than a meal you have prepared yourself. So, our advice is to always bring your own.

Sandwiches are the perfect choice for lunch. With very little preparation required, the variety of bread and fillings are endless. However, making sandwiches healthy doesn’t just come down to the bread type. Make your sandwiches healthier by loading them with veggies too (Salad, tomatoes, cucumber etc.)

If you’re really pressed for time to prepare meals, the best solution is to take leftovers from dinner the night before. Very often things don’t go to plan on site. Something might require your urgent attention and before you know it, you’ve forgotten to take your lunch break. When these days occur, it’s much easier to eat a balanced meal when you’ve come prepared with one.

Healthy snacks

If you find yourself grabbing a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps between meals, opt for healthy snacks instead. Fruits and mixed nuts are a great alternative as they’ll provide you with the essential vitamins and nutrients you need. Plus, the high fat and fibre content in buts will keep you fuller for longer. Yes, nuts are higher in fat, but that doesn’t mean they’ll make you pile on the pounds. A handful of nuts are likely to satisfy your hunger for longer, making you less likely to grab that chocolate bar.

Drink plenty of fluids

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid any loss of performance. We recommend carrying a few bottles of water or even some sports drinks to replenish missing electrolytes. A flask is another great option if you’re looking to keep drinks cold in the summer and hot in the winter.

Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to make drastic changes overnight. Start by introducing a couple of healthy changes. By being prepared ahead of time, you’ll find a way to eat healthily without disrupting your workday.