The Best Performance Woodscrews

There are several reasons to why Optimaxx EXTREME Performance Woodscrews is fast becoming the preferred choice for discerning merchants and their equally discerning customers. This blog post will outline the unique critical features behind what makes the EXTREME Performance Woodscrew better than any others in the market, explaining the application benefits.

Consistent Self-Drill Slash Point

Every Optimaxx EXTREME Performance Woodscrew has a self-drill slash point which is consistent unlike any other brand in the market. Optimaxx manufactured the self-drill slash point to be consistent on every screw for two reasons. The first reason is to make sure that every woodscrew is the same with no inconsistencies which would lead to some woodscrews being useless as they wouldn’t inserting properly, which is linked to the second reason of giving a fast start when inserting, as it acts like a drill extracting the materials up to the woodscrew.

Sawtooth Formation

Above the self-drill point on the woodscrew is a sharp serrated sawtooth formation of six threads which enable a fast penetration without the need for a pilot hole working in conjunction with the slash point. The six threads are unique on a woodscrew with only one main competitor equalling the amount of threads Optimaxx EXTREME Performance Woodscrews have. The objective of the six threads is to pull the woodscrew in faster and to assist in passing the excess material up from the slash point on to the wide threads above.

Superlube Coating

The sharp wide, deep thread formation in the middle of the woodscrew has a coating of Maxxtect Superlube which no other competitor in the market currently has. The super lube is used to ease in the wider formation of the threads as it facilitates a fast-continuous insertion into the hole the screws have begun to form.


A double reinforced collar is unique to the woodscrew market with no other brand offering a similar feature which strengthens the underside of the head, which will prevent the head snapping off from the main body. The snapping of the head is a common key problem for woodscrew users when pulling joists tight. 

24 Unique Grooves

Continuing from point four, our woodscrews will not sit proud above the timber, because the material has been passed up the woodscrew through the threads. When the material reaches the head, the 24 unique grooves countersink all the material without any need for a counterbore, giving a tight lock to the timber.

Highest Grade of Steel

Every Optimaxx woodscrew is made out of the same highest grade of steel available on the market. By having the highest grade of steel in our EXTREME performance woodscrew it gives strength to prevent snapping, reliability that it can do the job of holding thick timbers together and no rounding off of the head.

Increase Deep Pozi 

The head of the woodscrew has a unique feature that makes it stand out and is useful when screwing in at an angle. The pozi of the head has an increased depth of 1mm, which enables a tight fit to the Bit acting like a magnet, which again is consistent across all our EXTREME Performance Woodscrews.

Long Lasting

The Optimaxx EXTREME Performance Woodscrew have been 500 hours salt tested, which probably means nothing to you at first. However, the woodscrew will last longer than competitors in the market as their woodscrews struggle to meet a basic 400 hours, which should be the standard in most woodscrew.

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