Decking Screws Like No Other

Why you should choose our decking screws

Our Optimaxx Decking woodscrews are not like any other on the market with unique features giving genuine application benefits. The Optimaxx Decking screws are like our Extreme Performance Woodscrew with countersinking grooves which ensure a clean flush finish. The 14 countersinking grooves are carved out of the head during the manufacturing process. This is unlike other brands which have “grooves” added at the end of the manufacturing process with extra material. Therefore, this causes problems for the woodscrew to clamp tightly as the material becomes stuck under the head.

The colour of the woodscrew blends into most decking so that at a first glance you can not notice the Decking screw as it does not stand out. The diameter of the head is reduced to fit in between the grooves of the decking causing no damage.

A top thread underneath the head secures a tight clamp of the woodscrew to the joists preventing any squeaking or uneasy boards. Saving you the awkward tiptoeing at night and potentially waking up the children.

The Optimaxx decking screws come with the a TORX Bit, which due to the depth in the head of the screw hold tight like a magnet for a secure, clean and straight insertion.

The razor-sharp point gives an immediate start when drilling into the decking boards. The decking screws also feature a saw tooth formation for quick and easy fast penetration on insertion.

Unlike any other Decking screw on the market Optimaxx EXTREME Performance decking woodscrew has 2000 hours salt spray tested meaning it will last longer than any in the market. The decking screws are coated with our Superlube Maxxtect exterior corrosion protection which gives a 20-year guarantee.

Don’t believe us?

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